Johnnie Crawford, Pastor

I am grateful to the Lord for calling me to serve at Calvary. My ministry began several years ago but only recently as the lead pastor. Before that the Lord has allowed me to serve in various capacities within different ministries.

Right out of college I served at the Bill Rice Ranch as their field representative, inviting Churches and Christian Schools to summer camp or winter retreats. Then the camp registrar responsibility was added which allowed me to orchestrate correspondence and facilitate communications with churches.

Next, the Lord moved my family to Wilmington, NC. Serving there for 18 years first as a Christian School teacher/ youth pastor at Grace Baptist Church and later as the Assistant Pastor at Peace Baptist Church before being called to Georgia.

My first place of ministry in Georgia was at Killian Hill Baptist Church and Christian School where I functioned as a high school history teacher and adult Sunday School teacher.

Years ago someone asked me if I would ever return to the preaching ministry. My response was, “if that’s what the Lord wants, I wouldn’t hesitate”. Little did I know how prophetic that discussion would be. Wherever He Leads I Will Follow is not only a song but a motto I have tried to live by.

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